How to Calculate Drinks for Your Event

Calculating the number of alcoholic drinks you will need for your event can be pretty simple, but there are a few things to consider before you get started.

How to Calculate Drinks for Your Event

Whether you are planning a small celebration or a large cocktail reception, calculating consumption can be fairly simple. There are just a few things to take into consideration.

To start, you can get a good estimate by using the following calculation:

#Guests x 1.5 Drinks x #Hours

This is based on the assumption that each guest will drink 1.5 beverages per hour.

Don't stop there though!

You will also need to ask yourself these questions and then adjust your calculations accordingly.

Time of Day

Will the event take place in the morning or during the evening hours?

If the event is taking place in the morning, then the chances of your guests drinking a lot is fairly low. If the event takes place in the evening, then you might want to adjust your number slightly higher.


Will the event take place in a major metro area with plenty of transportation options? Or, will the event be held in a rural area requiring the guests to drive?

Your guests will most likely drink more if your event is in a major metro market with lots of transportation options such as the train, Uber or taxis. If the event location requires guests to drive, then they will hopefully limit the number of drinks they consume.

Type of Guests

Are the guests considered heavy drinkers? Or, are they more of sippers?

This can be somewhat difficult to estimate if you are planning an event for unfamiliar guests, but it is something you should take into consideration. Use your best judgement with the type of guest expected and adjust your number accordingly.

This guide is a good starting point for calculating the number of alcoholic beverages your guests will consume.

Let me know what you think in the comments section below! How do you calculate beverage consumption? I respond to every comment!

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