What's the difference between a Wedding Coordinator and Venue Coordinator?

Venue coordinators and wedding coordinators are very different. A common misconception about weddings is that the venue coordinator will handle all the details for your big day.

Wedding Coordinator and Venue Coordinator

When a you find the perfect venue, it will probably come with a complimentary venue coordinator.

That sounds great! Why would you need to hire a wedding coordinator?

Unfortunately, it is too good to be true. While venue coordinators are very valuable to the function of your wedding, they are not the end all be all when it comes to coordinating and executing all the details of your wedding.

The responsibilities of the venue coordinator are limited to just that: the venue. All the other details fall to you to handle.

Sounds overwhelming, right?

That is where a wedding coordinator can step in to ensure your big day goes as smoothly as possible.

Let's compare venue coordinators and wedding coordinators...

Venue Coordinator

  • Works for the venue, not directly for you

  • Protects the interests of the venue and honors your contract

  • Ensures all your vendors follow venue rules

  • Serves as the liaison between you and the venue’s staff (in-house catering, valet parking, etc.)

  • Handles basic wedding day logistics (set up tables and chairs, ensure the space is clean, etc.)

  • Leaves after meal is served

Wedding Coordinator

  • Works directly for you

  • Carries out all the details of your wedding

  • Handles wedding décor

  • Serves as the liaison between you and all of your vendors

  • Ensures timeline is adhered to

  • Helps with unforeseen issues that might arise on the wedding day

  • Coordinates bridal party, family members and guests

  • Is present and available during the entire wedding event from the arrival of the bridal party to the departure of the last guest

Having a wedding coordinator on hand will ensure your vision and everything you planned comes to fruition and gives you the ability to enjoy every moment of your wedding day.

You can’t repeat your wedding day, so hiring a wedding planner to help is priceless!

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